Solar farms
General contractor of photovoltaic farms
General contractor of photovoltaic farms
We specialise in the construction of photovoltaic farms from selection of a location, through designing, to installation and post-warranty service.
Designing of photovoltaic farms
Designing of photovoltaic farms
We take full responsibility for comprehensive service. Each of our clients is treated individually and due diligence is exercised by our engineers when analysing your expectations.
Installation of photovoltaic farms
Installation of photovoltaic farms
We are able to build an on-grid and off-grid installation of 1 MW even in a few days.

Designing photovoltaic farms is not only our job but also our passion. Our photovoltaic farms have been installed in many countries and continents.

Social awareness  of environmental protection and renewable energy sources is continuously increasing, which translates into a growing number of photovoltaic installations and farms. Design of a photovoltaic installation is a complex undertaking and requires extreme accuracy for the system to maintain functionality for at least several years.


Energy Audits
Will indicate directions of further actions. Audit conclusions can be analysed with you to work out the best energy saving solution for your buildings.
Pile Driving for Photovoltaic Panels
With the use of our self-propelled caterpillar vehicles by Gayk, steel posts are driven in to build a photovoltaic structure on sand, clay or solid rock ground.
Monitoring and Thermal Imaging of Solar Panels
The data is sent to the computer across a wireless network. The system enables the user to monitor energy production or identify faults of a certain photovoltaic module.
Leasing of Photovoltaic Farms
After repayment of all leasing instalments the installation can be acquired by the lessee. In the long run, leasing is more profitable as compared to rental.

Thanks to our services, a photovoltaic farm can become a part of almost every enterprise or production plant. Small and large-sized business enterprises as well as investors cooperate with us. By making use of our services you contribute to the improvement of natural environment. The comprehensive offer, expertise and state-of-the-art approach combine to ensure customer satisfaction at every stage.

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