About us

NetCable Sp. z o.o. was founded by Emilia Korpacka-Kostrz and Sławomir Kostrz – managers highly experienced in the photovoltaic investment business.

Our company is based not only on many years of experience but also on passion that inspires us to create the best photovoltaic projects.

Our team is composed of 50 experienced engineers.

Emilia Korpacka-Kostrz
Sławomir Kostrz
Leszek Gleba
Senior Project Coordinator
Damian Wieczorek
Senior Project Coordinator
Łukasz Dymarski
Project Coordinator
Mariusz Mitas
Project Coordinator
About us
International Development Directions

NetCable Sp. z o.o. operates globally mainly thanks to its UK-based twin company – DotCable.

DotCable’s investments are located on three continents already: starting in Eastern Europe, through Central Europe, then North Africa (Egypt), to finish in the Near East (Jordan).

About us
Client’s Advantage Optimisation

Our quality policy is very closely linked to the desire to provide our clients with the best quality service. To this end, we carry out regular training sessions for our employees at all levels to ensure that you cooperate with the best specialists in the business.

Duly qualified and certified, all our employees conduct safety related trainings.

About us
Renewable Sources – Future of the Business

We raise ecological awareness among all our clients. That way our common goal is to take care of what is important to us. Take care of the planet you live on and make use of renewable energy sources.