Energy Audits

NetCable’s offer includes energy audits. If you consume large amounts of heat and electrical energy, we will carry out an audit which will indicate directions of further actions. Its conclusions will be analysed with you in order to select the most fitting energy saving solution for the building. Not every form of modernisation is economically efficient, so together we can come up with the most economical reorganisation option for your company.

The price of an energy audit is relatively low as compared to the resulting benefits. Carried out properly, the audit allows not only to determine the energy consumption profile, but also to learn about possible energy saving solutions.

Energy audit for a large-sized business is a must as it is conducive to obtaining an energy certificate, which not only becomes a significant marketing advantage, but also a client’s requirement. A competitive battle is currently taking place at many different levels, one of them being the certificates awarded and standards met. Make sure that you have the right energy certificate for your business as early as possible.