Leasing of Photovoltaic Farms

A large-sized photovoltaic farm or installation constitutes a considerable financial burden, which not every business can afford. In that case a leasing or rental of a photovoltaic installation comes in as an alternative.

Leasing of a photovoltaic installation enables acquisition of the entire installation upon full repayment of leasing instalments. In the long run, leasing is more profitable as compared to rental. An operating lease of a photovoltaic installation has numerous advantages, one of the most significant being that it is not accounted as a debt. Therefore, your company’s public image will not be compromised by the liabilities contracted.

In the short term, however, rental of photovoltaic farms can be more advantageous. Both options require thorough analysis in terms of your company’s specific needs and individual preferences. We offer professional consultancy services to help select the most fitting and profitable option adjusted to your needs. The clients who make use of our services will not only get a ready-made product but also a specialist advice.

Our photovoltaic offer includes a full service scope: audit, design, financing, construction and servicing. Every client is offered our support at each stage of our cooperation.