Monitoring and Thermal Imaging of Solar Panels

NetCable has provided the interested clients with an option of monitoring the installation and fault-finding tools. Low output installations’ disorders can be detected by means of a thermal imaging camera. High output installations located on large areas can be provided with an electronic monitoring system.

Intelligent management system of the farm has a range of benefits for an investor. Each photovoltaic module is monitored independently via the SMPV Smart Grid Sensor connected to it. The sensors measure voltage and current. The data is transmitted wirelessly to the computer. The system enables the user to obtain information about current production and faults in a given photovoltaic module.

Photovoltaic panels monitoring enables continuous recording of data for keeping track of the entire process. Monitoring of panels is simple and clear.

Our offer features the Smart Factory system, which will modernise your company – by introducing advanced technologies and process optimisation for higher production efficiency.

We offer thermal imaging measurements by means of thermal imaging cameras with a wide range of applications for quick visual detection of photovoltaic panel malfunctions. Thermal imaging testing enables analysis of large areas within a short time, which makes it an efficient and useful method, especially in an emergency situation.